Great News for Weight Watchers!

I have just been introduced a very cool Smartphone app called myfitnesspal.  Myfitnesspal gives you everything that other weight management programs give you…but for free!  Based in your profile and weight loss goals,  myfitnesspal will calculate how many calories you can consume in a day to reach your  target weight.  But that’s not all…myfitnesspal has a built in barcode reader that reads barcodes right from product packages.  From the scanned barcode, you can choose the serving size, and enter it into your daily diary.  The information will then be stored and can be easily accessed for future diary entries.   The app also allows you to search for foods that you’ve consumed without labels  (example: sushi, fresh fruits), and track your exercise and water consumtion.  At the end of the day, myfitnesspal will give you a daily, weekly and progress summary, and allow you to choose several custom reports.

This app is easy, free and fun to use.  You can even participate with friends and share your success through a variety of social platforms.

Check it Out!

Here is my Cholesterol report:

sample customized report.jpeg

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! I’ve been meaning to put up this post all week.   I’ve recently signed up to receive event emails from Beyond the Rack, an online shopping club that brings flash sales lasting an average of 48 hour sales to subscribers.  Beyond the Rack offers authentic designer merchandise at significantly lower prices.  Items are shipped anywhere in Canada from Montreal for a flat rate of $11.95, and all items come with a 30 day return policy.  Some of the clothing and footwear events have limited sizes, so as the saying goes… if the shoe fits, buy it.  Happy Shopping!!


Something every Savvy Shopper should know…

Happy Monday!  I thought I would start my blog this week with a tip that some of you might already know, but I think it’s always worth sharing!

Wal-Mart will price match any advertised price from another retailer right at the cash.  You can save a lot of time and money with this option to one-stop shop.  Yesterday I saved $17.61 on 7 items!  The cashier even knew most of the – prices before I showed her the flyers.  They will even price match on produce and meat!

Just think, if I saved this amount each week, at the end of the year, I will have saved $915.72, not including the money saved on gas not shopping at 4 stores.



Welcome to Deal Diva

I’m new to blogging….but here it goes!  I love to shop, but I love to find deals even more!  Each week I will post the best deals that I have found online and in the Greater Toronto area. Happy Shopping!


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