When it Comes to Shopping, Men REALLY are from Mars!

saks 5th avenue

For my birthday, my husband took my daughter and I to New York City for the weekend. What an amazing city! We walked tirelessly from Central Park to 34th street, excitedly snapping pictures and checking out all the store windows along the way. Allison and I couldn’t wait for Century 21, the plethora of I Love NY souvenirs and the glam of 5th Avenue. At one point my husband asked “Did we come to New York just to shop?” Of course, I chose my answer carefully, but in my head, I was saying “is he kidding….of course, we came to New York to shop”!! Does he not understand that New York is Mecca (no religious disrespect intended)for shoppers? Remember this movie?

I did manage to keep my daughter out of stores that we have in Canada, but we found just as many new ones to replace them. One of our faves was Uni Qlo …it’s like a Japanese version of Old Navy. Allison picked out a beautiful cashmere sweater for $69.99 that is now sitting under our tree wrapped in beautiful traditional japanese fabric called Furoshiki.. I have to say my husband was quite a shopping trooper, waiting patiently outside and carrying our bags back to the hotel, but near the end of the weekend, he made it very clear that he’d had enough. I bought him a couple of beers from the deli across the street, turned on the football game, handed him the remote, and told him we’d be back in a couple of hours. Definitely the secret of a successful marriage!


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